Bellerive Village

Time to kill between matches? Need some fresh air and a change of scenery? Interested in local history? Like new cafes and restaurants? Shopaholic?

Bellerive Village is 5 minute walk downhill from the Eastside Squash Centre, turn left down Cambridge Road. Occupying Kangaroo Bluff, a promontory on the River Derwent, Bellerive offers a rich diversity of dining establishments, a variety of shops and services, a hotel & bottleshop, historical buildings and waterfront views and recreational facilities.

Restaurants and cafes

A selection of dining options within easy walking distance

A Walk Through History

The Bellerive Historical Society have designed a walk that takes in Bellerive’s historical buildings, sites and the Kangaroo Bluff Battery (brochures at the control desk).

Art Bikes

Want to cover a bit more of the Eastern Shore while you’re here? Art Bikes provide bicycles and helmets free of charge for same day use, as well as suggested galleries and other sites to visit (brochures at the control desk).